How to Style a Botanical Bathroom

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Plant Life

The trend for flora, ferns, succulents, cacti and all things green, lush and tropical continues to grow in popularity across interiors and interior design.

Houseplants are perfect for bringing the outdoors in and the addition of a touch of greenery has been shown to boost your well being, purify the air, absorb bacteria as well as refreshing your home style.From its humble beginnings in the form of a simple starter succulent, our love for the botanical trend can now be seen across home decor- from verdant hanging planters to dramatic living walls. Happiest in humid places, the washroom is a great spot for your new Monstera or Ficus and the perfect way to breathe life into your bathroom.

Follow our guide to learn how best to style your new bathroom plants, for a pretty and practical look that’s sure to grow on you…

House Plant Shelves

Putting up  a few floating shelves not only adds extra storage space to smaller bathrooms, but is the perfect place to add accent details. Simply placing a selection of houseplants in plain white or terracotta pots creates a gorgeous green plant wall, with graduating colour as a nice alternative for a statement wall. From the minimal cactus to the luscious jade plant, our Creative Director Zoe used a combination of faux and real plants, with a mixture of textures and subtle variations in colour.

Perfect bathroom plants: Aloe, Jade plant, Snake Plant, Boston Fern, Cactus, Yucca

Hanging Gardens

Mimic the lush canopy of a tropical forest and create a spectacular installation in your bathroom, simply by hanging a few planters! This is especially well suited to the space above a freestanding bath and looks infinitely better than a drab shower curtain. Repurpose an old ladder to suspend your hanging plants, or for a sleeker look simply secure from a beam or piece of copper piping.

Perfect bathroom plants: Spider plants, String of pearls, Golden Pathos, Heartleaf Philodendron

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Hanging Gardens

Mimic the lush canopy of a tropical forest and create a spectacular installation in your bathroom, simply by hanging a few planters!

Walls of Green

Living walls or vertical gardens are no newcomer to the world of interiors, yet they remain the most dramatic. Succulents, being incredibly low maintenance yet high impact, are the perfect plant for achieving this look and placing one in your bathroom gives the plants just the right level of moisture. You can buy a vertical garden, or tailor one to fit your space with a simple wooden frame, potting soil and chicken wire for a fresh, contemporary look.

Perfect bathroom plants: Desert Rose Agave, Aloe, Jade, Wax Agave.

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the Perks of Wallflowers

Create a vertical garden and transform bare bathroom walls with a lush tapestry of green.

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Bath Bouquets

If you're not keen on a curating an indoor jungle and rather a pared back look, a bath bouquet is a quick, pretty way to incorporate greenery into your washroom. A  bath bouquet can be simply styled on your vanity or tied with some twine and hung from a shower rail. Rather than choosing flowers, opt for aromatic foliage like eucalyptus, lemon verbena, sweet bay or rosemary that will create a soothing scent in the steam of the bathroom.

Perfect bathroom plants: Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Thyme, Lemon Verbena, Sweet Bay Leaf.

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Kate Hannah O'Brien