Planning Structure, Colour & Style in your Bathroom

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A space all

your own

By giving it the time and attention it deserves, you can not only create a sanctuary worthy space to unwind and relax, but design a room as unique as your home.

It’s easy to overlook the style potential of a bathroom when we consider how practical and necessary a space it occupies in the home. Bathroom trends over recent years however have seen the modest washroom elevated from a drab, functional room to a space where utility and flair meet. New finishes, bold colours, unexpected textures and innovative designs can now be integrated into your bathroom style with ease.


Whether you’re at the building stage of designing your bathroom or simply need a refresh, there are a few basic considerations to take into account that will inform the overall look you want to achieve.


The most important question that informs any room style is space- if your washroom is erring on the petite side it’s probably best not to build your design around an industrial sized cast iron bath! That in mind, there are plenty of ways to create a stylish bathroom when space is a premium.

Focal Point

What is the focal point of your bathroom? This is the design feature that will carry the theme for the rest of the room. For many the emphasis might be on a statement bath, while other bathrooms would do better to draw attention to a vanity unit. Don’t forget the basics though- a beautifully tiled floor or statement brassware can completely change the look and feel of your room.

Existing Features

Are there existing features in the room, such as cornices or sash windows, that might better suit a particular style of bathroom? While we’re all for blending styles- sometimes it’s easier to match your style to your existing architecture.

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From muted greys & steadfast neutrals to bold coral and deepest navy, colour in all forms will add tone & interest to your bathroom.



There are so many variables when it comes to painting a room and a bathroom is no different. Light and bright coloured walls are naturally reflective and serve well to open up small spaces that lack natural light or windows. However, a deep, richly coloured single wall when contrasted with brilliant white serves as a focal point in itself. In practical terms, consider your paint finish when choosing a colour- resistant to humidity, durable and washable, a semi gloss paint is ideal for bathrooms .

Style tip: Rethink the classic cool colour scheme of blues, whites and greys in your bathroom and opt for light, warm pinks or warm, clay toned neutrals. 


While the easiest way to update a bathroom is with a simple lick of paint, don’t limit colour in your bathroom to just the walls! Paint is a great way to achieve a quick refresh, but other materials such as ceramics, textiles and brassware in interesting hues and finishes will also add extra dimension and depth. Likewise,  think outside the box when it comes to where you add colour- for instance a feature ceiling or a statement shower tile are both unique and whimsical ways to brighten up a bathroom.


Look closely at any statement bathroom and so often it is the accessories and final styling that define the tone of the room. Add a rug for colour and texture, or opt for decorative storage boxes or vivid towels to add easy pops of colour.


There's no doubt that bathroom design and standards have come leaps and bounds in the last decade. Bathrooms lighting, mirrors and furnishings require the same thought and consideration as living-room and kitchen decor. Yet with all this choice comes difficult decisions, how do you find a style that will stand the test of time?

To help guide you, we've put together three unique styles from our bathroom furniture collections - Contemporary, Traditional and Statement.


New properties will likely suit a more modern, sleeker and contemporary bathroom. A fresh look bathroom with clean lines and modern styling needn't be austere or cold however - choosing natural materials or wood finishes can warm a room, while opting for neutral, off white colours in gloss and matte finishes will add depth and interest to your space.

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Our contemporary Serif collection pairs undulating curves with a sophisticated palette and pure functionality.

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sleek & sophisticated

Recreate the contemporary look in your home by blending clean lines and a monochrome or primary palette. Subway tiles, honed marble or gloss finishes are ideal for a fresh look. Keep bathroom accessories minimal, save the exception of the odd sculptural succulent.


Subtle and elegant, a classically styled bathroom is defined by style elements such as framed doors, neutral colours, traditional brassware and freestanding, claw-footed baths. Far from old-fashioned, a classic bathroom is a timeless and versatile option.

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In a soft off white finish the Burford pebble grey fitted furniture has a classic look with framed doors. A timeless comprehensive range designed to suit any bathroom. Combine the Burford pebble grey finish with the natural oak carcass units to produce a striking contrast.

burford fitted furniture in pebble grey

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Timeless Appeal

They say classic never gets old. Simple brassware, a neutral colour scheme, metro tiles and subtle details such as framed doors or beaded woodwork make for a calming space with wide appeal.


Every element of a statement bathroom exudes style, but combining these elements in a way that flows without clashing requires time and consideration. Bold colour is a simple way to inject statement into your bathroom, while hexagonal, coloured and patterned tiles or even brassware in gold, brass or matte black finishes add interest and whimsy to your space.

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With its softly rounded corners & smooth lines, System offers a wealth of possibilities. Choose from a comprehensive selection of basin unit sizes & types as well as furniture finishes & handle options.

System 1200 Wall Mounted Basin Unit With Double Drawer in matte carbon

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splash out

Don't shy away from unconventional bathroom colours such as pinks or warm navys. Instead, use pattern, colour and mixed materials together to give the space a sense of individuality.

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Kate Hannah O'Brien